How Do I Get an IRS Fingerprint Card?

If you are required to obtain an IRS fingerprint card for any reason, such as applying for certain tax professional roles or getting authorized access to confidential taxpayer information, here is a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

Step 1: Determine your eligibility
Before applying for an IRS fingerprint card, ensure that you meet the necessary criteria set by the Internal Revenue Service. Generally, these requirements include being an employee or contractor of the IRS, a tax professional, or someone who needs access to sensitive taxpayer information.

Step 2: Complete Form FD-258
Obtain a copy of the FD-258 fingerprint card. This form can be found online or obtained from your local IRS office. Fill out the form completely and accurately. It requires personal information such as your name, address, and social security number.

Step 3: Visit a fingerprinting location
Once you have completed the FD-258 form, you will need to visit a fingerprinting location to have your fingerprints taken. These locations can include local law enforcement offices, approved private fingerprinting agencies, or authorized IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers.

Step 4: Pay the required fees
There may be a fee associated with obtaining an IRS fingerprint card. The cost will vary depending on the location and specific requirements. Be prepared to pay the fee when you visit the fingerprinting location.

Step 5: Submit the completed fingerprint card
After your fingerprints have been taken, ensure that the fingerprint card is complete and legible. Submit the card to the appropriate IRS office or the agency that requested the fingerprinting. You can usually find the mailing address on the IRS website or in the instructions provided with the card.

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Step 6: Await processing
The processing time for your fingerprint card can vary. It may take a few weeks to several months before you receive any updates on your application status. If there are any issues with your card or fingerprints, the IRS or the agency requesting the card will contact you for further instructions.


1. What is an IRS fingerprint card used for?
An IRS fingerprint card is typically used for individuals who need access to sensitive taxpayer information or are applying for specific tax professional roles.

2. Can I obtain an IRS fingerprint card online?
No, an IRS fingerprint card cannot be obtained online. You will need to complete the FD-258 form and visit a fingerprinting location.

3. How much does it cost to get an IRS fingerprint card?
The cost of an IRS fingerprint card can vary depending on the location and specific requirements. You should be prepared to pay a fee when visiting the fingerprinting location.

4. How long does it take to process an IRS fingerprint card?
The processing time for an IRS fingerprint card can vary. It may take a few weeks to several months before you receive any updates on your application status.

5. Can I use my own fingerprint card?
No, the IRS requires individuals to use the FD-258 fingerprint card. It must be completed accurately and submitted as instructed.

6. Can I get an IRS fingerprint card if I am not a U.S. citizen?
Yes, non-U.S. citizens who meet the eligibility criteria can also obtain an IRS fingerprint card.

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7. Can I use my old IRS fingerprint card for a new application?
No, you will need to obtain a new IRS fingerprint card for each new application. The old card may not be accepted.

8. Can I request a copy of my fingerprints after submitting the card?
No, the IRS does not provide copies of submitted fingerprints. They are solely used for the purpose of verifying identity and conducting background checks.

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