How Much Are Tax Title and License Fees in Illinois

When purchasing a vehicle in Illinois, it is important to consider the tax, title, and license fees that will be incurred. These fees vary depending on several factors, including the type of vehicle, its value, and the county where it will be registered. Understanding these fees is crucial for budgeting purposes and ensuring a smooth vehicle purchase process. In this article, we will explore the tax, title, and license fees in Illinois and answer some frequently asked questions related to these fees.

Tax Fees:
In Illinois, the sales tax on a vehicle purchase is 6.25% of the purchase price. However, this sales tax may be subject to additional local taxes imposed by certain municipalities or counties. It is important to check with your local tax authority to determine if any additional taxes apply to your specific area.

Title Fees:
The title fee in Illinois is $150. This fee covers the cost of transferring the vehicle’s ownership and obtaining a new title in the buyer’s name. It is important to note that this fee may vary slightly depending on the county where the vehicle is registered.

License Plate Fees:
The license plate fee in Illinois is $151 for most vehicles. This fee covers the cost of issuing new license plates and registration stickers. However, for certain specialty or personalized plates, the fee may be higher. Additionally, there may be an additional fee for vanity or personalized plates.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Are tax, title, and license fees included in the vehicle’s purchase price?
A1: No, tax, title, and license fees are separate from the vehicle’s purchase price. These fees must be paid in addition to the purchase price.

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Q2: Can I finance tax, title, and license fees?
A2: Yes, many dealerships and lenders offer the option to finance these fees along with the vehicle’s purchase price. However, it is important to consider the interest and additional costs associated with financing these fees.

Q3: Do tax, title, and license fees vary by vehicle type?
A3: No, tax, title, and license fees are generally the same for all vehicle types. However, certain specialty vehicles or commercial vehicles may have additional fees or requirements.

Q4: Can I estimate tax, title, and license fees before purchasing a vehicle?
A4: Yes, you can estimate these fees by using online calculators or contacting your local tax authority. Keep in mind that these fees may vary depending on the specific vehicle and county where it will be registered.

Q5: Can I transfer license plates from my old vehicle to a new one?
A5: Yes, you can transfer your license plates to your new vehicle in Illinois. However, there may be additional fees and requirements for plate transfers.

Q6: Are there any exemptions or discounts available for tax, title, and license fees?
A6: Some exemptions or discounts may be available for certain individuals, such as veterans or individuals with disabilities. It is recommended to contact your local tax authority or Secretary of State office for more information on potential exemptions or discounts.

Q7: Can I purchase temporary plates while waiting for my permanent plates?
A7: Yes, you can obtain temporary plates in Illinois to legally drive your vehicle while waiting for your permanent plates. Temporary permits can be obtained from your local Secretary of State office or online.

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Q8: Can tax, title, and license fees be negotiated when purchasing a vehicle?
A8: No, tax, title, and license fees are set by the state and county authorities and cannot be negotiated. These fees are mandatory and must be paid in full. However, the vehicle’s purchase price may be negotiable.

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