What Does “Still Processing” Mean IRS?

When you file your tax return, it’s natural to expect a quick resolution from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However, sometimes the status of your return may show as “still processing” on the IRS website or when using the IRS2Go mobile app. This status can be frustrating and confusing, leaving taxpayers wondering what it means and why it is taking so long. Here, we will explain what “still processing” means and address some frequently asked questions to provide clarity.

The “still processing” status simply means that the IRS is reviewing and verifying the information provided on your tax return. It indicates that your return has not yet been processed completely, and additional time is needed to ensure its accuracy. Several factors can contribute to this delay, including errors or inconsistencies in the return, missing or incomplete information, or the need for further documentation.

8 FAQs about “Still Processing” Status:

1. How long does it take for the IRS to process a return?
The processing time can vary depending on multiple factors. In general, the IRS aims to process electronic returns within 21 days, while paper returns may take up to six weeks.

2. Should I be worried if my status says “still processing” for a long time?
It’s natural to feel concerned if the status remains unchanged for an extended period. However, unless there is a specific issue or request from the IRS, it is advisable to be patient, as processing times can vary.

3. Can I still expect my tax refund if my status is “still processing”?
Yes, you can still expect your refund, but it may take longer than anticipated. Once the IRS completes the review, they will issue your refund if everything is in order.

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4. Can I contact the IRS to expedite the processing?
While you can contact the IRS to inquire about the status of your return, they generally advise against doing so until it has been more than 21 days since your e-filed return or six weeks for a paper return.

5. Are there any errors or mistakes that may cause the “still processing” status?
Yes, errors such as incorrect Social Security numbers, math mistakes, or missing signatures can lead to delays in processing your return.

6. Will the “still processing” status delay my Economic Impact Payment (stimulus check)?
If you are eligible for an Economic Impact Payment, the “still processing” status should not impact its delivery. The IRS will process stimulus payments separately.

7. Does “still processing” mean I am being audited?
No, the “still processing” status does not necessarily indicate an audit. Audits are separate and typically involve a more detailed examination of your tax return.

8. Will the IRS notify me if there is an issue with my return?
Yes, if there are any issues or discrepancies with your return, the IRS will send you correspondence by mail to inform you of the problem and provide instructions on how to resolve it.

In conclusion, the “still processing” status on your tax return means that the IRS is diligently reviewing your information before issuing your refund. While it may be frustrating to wait, it is essential to allow the IRS the necessary time to ensure the accuracy of your return. If there are no specific issues or requests from the IRS, staying patient is the best course of action.

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