As of 2020, eBay collects sales tax in several states across the United States. The implementation of sales tax collection by eBay is a result of changes in state laws regarding online sales tax and marketplace facilitator laws. This initiative by eBay aims to facilitate compliance with sales tax regulations and create a level playing field for all sellers, whether they are businesses or individual sellers.

eBay now collects sales tax on behalf of sellers for transactions in the following states:

1. Alabama
2. Arkansas
3. California
4. District of Columbia
5. Hawaii
6. Idaho
7. Iowa
8. Kentucky
9. Maine
10. Minnesota
11. Nebraska
12. New Jersey
13. New Mexico
14. New York
15. North Carolina
16. North Dakota
17. Oklahoma
18. Pennsylvania
19. Rhode Island
20. South Carolina
21. South Dakota
22. Vermont
23. Washington
24. West Virginia
25. Wisconsin
26. Wyoming

It is important to note that sales tax rates and regulations may vary within each state, so sellers and buyers should stay informed about the specific requirements in their respective states.


1. Why is eBay collecting sales tax?
eBay is collecting sales tax to comply with changes in state laws and marketplace facilitator laws, ensuring sellers meet their sales tax obligations.

2. How does eBay calculate sales tax?
eBay calculates sales tax based on the buyer’s shipping address and the applicable tax rate in that specific jurisdiction.

3. Do all eBay sellers have to collect sales tax?
No, not all eBay sellers have to collect sales tax. eBay collects sales tax on behalf of sellers in states where it is required by law.

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4. How does this affect buyers?
Buyers will see the sales tax amount added to their total purchase price during the checkout process.

5. Can sellers opt out of eBay collecting sales tax for them?
No, sellers cannot opt out of eBay collecting sales tax on their behalf in states where it is required by law.

6. Can sellers still collect their own sales tax on eBay?
Sellers can only collect their own sales tax on eBay if they are in a state where eBay does not collect sales tax on their behalf.

7. Are there any exemptions from eBay’s sales tax collection?
Certain items may be exempt from sales tax, such as items sold for resale or items qualifying for a specific sales tax exemption. Sellers should consult their state’s tax authority for specific exemptions.

8. How can sellers ensure they comply with sales tax regulations?
Sellers should stay informed about sales tax regulations in their state, keep accurate records of sales, consult with a tax professional if needed, and regularly review guidelines provided by eBay and relevant tax authorities.

It is important for sellers and buyers to understand the sales tax requirements in their respective states to ensure compliance with the law. eBay’s collection of sales tax aims to simplify the process for sellers and create a fair marketplace for all participants.

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