When Are AZ State Taxes Due

Every year, individuals and businesses in Arizona are required to file their state tax returns by a specific deadline. Understanding when Arizona state taxes are due is crucial to avoid penalties and interest charges. The due date for AZ state taxes typically coincides with the federal tax deadline, but there may be exceptions. Here is some important information about when AZ state taxes are due.

The deadline for filing Arizona state taxes is usually April 15th. This date aligns with the federal tax filing deadline. However, if April 15th falls on a weekend or a holiday, the due date is extended to the next business day. For example, if April 15th falls on a Saturday, the deadline will be pushed to the following Monday.

If you are unable to file your Arizona state tax return by the deadline, you can request an extension. Arizona allows taxpayers an automatic extension of six months to file their state tax returns. However, it’s important to note that an extension to file does not extend the time to pay any taxes owed. To avoid penalties and interest, you must pay at least 90% of your total tax liability by the original due date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Can I file my Arizona state tax return electronically?
Yes, Arizona supports electronic filing for both individual and business tax returns. It is a convenient and secure way to file your taxes.

2. What if I can’t pay my Arizona state taxes in full by the due date?
If you are unable to pay your tax liability in full, you should still file your return by the deadline. Arizona offers a variety of payment options, including installment agreements, to help taxpayers fulfill their obligations.

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3. Are there any deductions or credits available for Arizona state taxes?
Yes, Arizona offers various deductions and credits, such as the standard deduction, dependent exemption, and education-related credits. Consult the Arizona Department of Revenue for more information on available tax benefits.

4. Can I amend my Arizona state tax return if I made a mistake?
Yes, if you discover an error or omission on your Arizona state tax return, you can file an amended return. Use Form 140X to correct any mistakes.

5. Do I have to file an Arizona state tax return if I don’t owe any taxes?
If you are a resident of Arizona, you must file a state tax return if your gross income exceeds a certain threshold, even if you don’t owe any taxes. Non-residents must file if they have Arizona-source income.

6. Are military personnel stationed in Arizona required to file state taxes?
Military personnel who are stationed in Arizona but are not Arizona residents are generally not required to file a state tax return. However, if they have Arizona-source income, such as rental property, they may need to file.

7. Can I claim a state tax refund if I move out of Arizona?
Yes, if you move out of Arizona during the tax year and have paid more state taxes than you owe, you can claim a refund.

8. What happens if I miss the deadline to file my Arizona state tax return?
If you fail to file your Arizona state tax return by the deadline and owe taxes, you may face penalties and interest charges. It is best to file as soon as possible to avoid additional fees.

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