Where Do I Find My IRS PIN Number?

The IRS PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a unique six-digit number used to verify your identity when filing your taxes electronically. It provides an extra layer of security to protect your personal information from potential identity theft or fraudulent activities. If you have misplaced or forgotten your IRS PIN number, here are a few ways to retrieve it:

1. Retrieve Online: The quickest and most convenient method to obtain your IRS PIN is to use the IRS’s online Get an IP PIN tool. This tool allows you to retrieve your PIN instantly by answering a series of security questions to verify your identity. Visit the IRS website and follow the instructions provided to access the tool.

2. Mail Request: If you are unable to retrieve your IRS PIN online, you can request a new one by mail. Use Form 4506, Request for Copy of Tax Return, to submit your request. Fill out the form, select the “Return Transcript” option, and mail it to the address provided on the form. The IRS will then mail your PIN to your address on record within 10 business days.

3. Call the IRS: If you prefer speaking with an IRS representative, you can call the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit at 1-800-908-4490. Explain your situation, answer a series of security questions, and the representative will provide you with your IRS PIN.

4. Tax Return: If you have filed a tax return in the previous year, your IRS PIN can be found on the Form CP01A, which is typically mailed to you by the IRS after filing. Keep this form securely for future reference.

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5. Tax Preparer: If you use a professional tax preparer, they may have your IRS PIN on file. Contact your tax preparer and ask if they can provide you with the PIN.

6. Account Transcript: You can obtain your IRS PIN by requesting a tax account transcript from the IRS. This transcript will include your PIN if you have one on record. Use Form 4506-T, Request for Transcript of Tax Return, and follow the instructions to receive your transcript by mail.

7. In-Person Appointment: In certain circumstances, the IRS may require you to schedule an in-person appointment at a local Taxpayer Assistance Center. During the appointment, you can request your IRS PIN in person by providing the necessary identification documents.

8. Lost or Forgotten PIN: If you have lost or forgotten your IRS PIN and do not have access to any of the above methods, it may be necessary to contact the IRS directly to discuss alternative options for verifying your identity and filing your taxes.


1. Can I use the same IRS PIN every year?
No, the IRS issues a new PIN each year to enhance security and prevent identity theft.

2. How long is the IRS PIN valid?
The IRS PIN is valid for one calendar year. You will receive a new PIN each year to use when filing your taxes.

3. Can I change my IRS PIN?
No, the IRS does not provide an option to change your PIN. You will receive a new PIN annually.

4. Can I use my IRS PIN for state taxes as well?
No, the IRS PIN is specifically for federal tax filings. State taxing authorities may have their own separate identification requirements.

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5. Can I e-file my tax return without an IRS PIN?
If you have misplaced your IRS PIN, you can still file your tax return electronically. However, you may need to provide additional identification documents and undergo additional verification processes.

6. Can I use my IRS PIN for other purposes?
No, the IRS PIN is solely for tax-filing purposes and should not be used for any other financial or personal transactions.

7. What should I do if I suspect someone has stolen or misused my IRS PIN?
If you suspect that your IRS PIN has been compromised, contact the IRS immediately to report the issue and take appropriate steps to protect your identity.

8. Is the IRS PIN mandatory for e-filing?
The IRS PIN is not mandatory for everyone. However, it is highly recommended as it adds an extra layer of security to your tax-filing process and helps prevent fraudulent activities.

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